July 19, 2014

"But what about things that we love?
We see sun shining on the ground, and the dry dust,
And at home the forests deep with shadows,
And smoke flowering from the rooftops,
Peacefully, near the ancient crowning towers.
These signs of daily life are good,
Even when by contrast something divine
Has injured the soul.
For snow sparkles on an alpine meadow,
Half-covered with green, signifying generosity
Of spirit in all situations, like flowers in May —
A wanderer walks up above on a high trail
And speaks irritably to a friend about a cross
He sees in the distance, set for someone
Who died on the path… what does it mean?"


Quote — 11:38pm

Suey Park and her friends have been posting some rly good theological/critical contemplations of Christianity and critical race theory as of late. if you’re into theology or some of the pervasive religious experiences of persons of colour, you may want to check this out.

Link — 10:34pm

July 11, 2014

Ever since those wondrous days of Creation
our Lord God sleeps: we are His sleep.
And He accepted this in His indulgence,
resigned to rest among the distant stars.

Our actions stopped Him from reacting,
for His fist-tight hand is numbed by sleep,
and the times brought in the age of heroes
during which our dark hearts plundered Him.

Sometimes He appears as if tormented,
and His body jerks as if plagued by pain;
but these spells are always outweighed by the
number of His countless other worlds.

- Rilke

Video — 12:31am

June 15, 2014

Video — 1:24am

March 13, 2014

the snowstorm and accompanying temperature drop has momentarily halted water from falling through the ceiling of the place i am currently living in rn, which is consoling since the property owner has been unsuccessful in getting ppl to fix the collapsing ceiling and i don’t know how to fix ceilings tbh lol. youth is wasted on the young as ppl say; im not sure who says that, but i thought i wld try it out once on tumblr, just as an experience or something.

on that day it was rly warm this week, my room mate and i set up metal bowls and plastic containers beneath the weeping ceilings overhead, and i recorded the resulting sounds onto a computer device.

Video — 3:28pm

March 1, 2014

new stuff from sam ray of julia brown and teen suicide and unlimited free milkshakes. <3

Video — 11:04am

January 30, 2014

this is a radio show i’m hosting this season on CFRC 101.9FM, a community radio station in Kingston, Ontario. there are mp3s of past episodes up on the web space, and also some links to theologians i personally find rly interesting, if that’s yr type of thing. (it’s a music show themed on spirituality/religion). seems like what i just typed is incoherent, but hopefully what i’m trying to convey is adequately discernible to most human ppl. email me with capslock if ‘no’ if u want 2. thanx! :)

Link — 10:36pm

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